Israel in General


About 470 km (290 miles) in length and 135 km (85 miles) in width at its widest point. About half of the countryís land area is semi-arid.

Israeli cooking is a reflection of Israeli society. It is a unique combination of foods and customs brought by from all over the world as well as the local Arab population.

Main Cities
Jerusalem, Tel Aviv. Haifa and Beer Sheva.

Israel is a country of immigrants. Nearly 6.5 million citizens comprise a mosaic of people with varied ethnic backgrounds, lifestyles, religions, cultures and traditions. Jews, comprise some 80% of the countryís population, while the non-Jewish citizens, numbering less than 20%, include mostly Arabs. Christians and other denominations.

Flora & Fauna
The rich variety of Israelís plant and animal life reflects its geographical location

as well as itís varied topography and climate. About 150 nature reserves have been established throughout the country.

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